Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Romper Room

Rompers, from what I can tell, are supposed to recall the innocence of youth while maintaining a whimsical nature that only a fashion-savvy adult can bring.

With this, you can definitely recall the innocence of youth. It looks like it has a built in diaper that needs changing.

The thing is, that could be totally changed with one simple fix: bring the crotch up. I mean, really, there is no one with a torso that freakishly long. The crotch is going to hang somewhere around the lower thigh area. There's no reason to have the crotch sit that low. Maybe if you're going to use the extra space for storage, but if that's the case, seriously, just buy a fanny pack already. Don't encourage the low-crotch trend.

Topshop Cotton Jumpsuit by Boutique - $125

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