Thursday, October 15, 2009

Miller? I hardly know her.

I remember Nicole Miller having some great, simple dresses back in the late 90s.

I'm starting to wonder if that was some sort of a hallucination I had.

Here we have a bustier top and a pre-wrinkled skirt. Basically, it's a dress designed to look like you're doing the walk of shame. Which could be brilliant, I guess - if it catches on, it'd be hard to tell who's actually doing the walk of shame and who's just making a fashion choice.

And, since it's a bustier top, the cups end up giving your boobs eyes. But in this case, they're saggy and wrinkled eyes. Tired eyes, having seen better days.

This dress just kind of befuddles me. It's got a Mondrianish look to it, but with a graphic pattern. And what a graphic pattern it is.

I can't tell if these are sea anemones or intergalactic space flowers. Either way, I'm not sure what the hell they're doing on this dress. I mean, yeah, they're kind of pretty, but they also have the look of tentacle monster to them, and you should never, ever wear a tentacle monster on your dress. It just doesn't send the right message.

Nicole Miller Seafoam Crinkled Metallic Bustier Dress - $312
Nicole Miller Purple Geometric Floral Jersey Dress - $159


  1. You know, I feel that both of these dresses COULD have been much better, with just a couple of tweaks, maybe in color, maybe in print placement. Not really sure, but I think in the hands of someone not trying to be "edgy" or whatever, that these could have been excellent dresses both.

  2. Those flowers, on an unrelated note, are Chrysanthemums. I'm 90 percent sure.