Friday, October 23, 2009

Where The Wild Things Are

I love Modcloth. Their clothes are, 80% of the time, absolutely adorable and unusual. Yeah, they end up on the site a lot, but that's only because I spend so much time surfing it for clothes I want to buy, and it's always striking when I find something that is unappealing.

They made it too easy this time, though.

This dress is called the "Chest-ire Cat Maxi dress," and what I hate most about it is that they spoiled my absolutely brilliant pun.

I like how it's emerging from the matrix, just like the actual Cheshire Cat. Only difference is, from the look on his face, this is a Lolire cat, and he's about to ask, "I can haz chezeburgr?"

I guess you can wear this dress when your Three Wolf Moon Tee just isn't formal enough.

And this dress, I'm pretty sure, is available for purchase at that same store that sells the Native American-made blankets and dreamcatchers.

ModCloth Chest-ire Cat Maxi Dress - $49.99
ModCloth Wolf Form Maxi Dress - $49.99
ModCloth Wild Horses Maxi Dress - $49.99

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