Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mid-Rise Cowboy

I think it's time to disown The Gap.

They're trying to make the denim tuxedo happen.

I get that The Gap's trademark is their denim. And don't get me wrong, I love jeans and am vehemently anti-imitation denim.


I made the mistake of wearing a denim jacket with jeans once in my life. I was in 9th grade, I wore it to school, and the minute my mom dropped me off, I knew I had made a terrible error. Because I am not, nor will I ever be, a cowboy, and those are the only people who can make this work.

So I stood there, frozen, in front of my high school. For some reason, the simple solution of "take off the jacket" didn't occur to me.

There are no pictures of this day, so I asked Matt Damon to re-enact it for me.

Yeah, that's pretty much the expression on my face when I realized that what I was wearing was not okay.

For some reason, they're only inflicting this trend on women, possibly because we're more susceptible to the whims of the fashion industry. The men get to escape with your standard denim shirt/jeans pairing. It's not great, but at least it's not a full denim suit.

It took me a couple minutes to figure out whether your western shirt was dip dyed. If that were the case, I would rescind my statement about the men escaping relatively unscathed.

Anyone else think this model studied the Old Spice commercial in order to master this expression? I feel like he's about to offer me tickets to that thing I like. If only he were on a horse, I might have given Gap a pass entirely. Yeah, I am that easy.

The Gap Fit Together Denim Women's Shop
The Gap Fit Together Denim Men's Shop

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  1. This was super, i laughed through the whole thing :)