Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Depths of Plaidness

As I mentioned yesterday, I've been a little obsessed with plaid of late.

This shirt will not fall into that category. I know, you're probably shocked. Stunned, even. "But it has giant, puffy sleeves!" you're probably thinking. "With bows on the arms, and a weird ruffled bib thing! That's right up your alley."

I know. It confuses me, as well. I prefer my plaid shirts to be so baggy that it hides anything that might hint at my figure. And I love when strips of fabric dangle down my arms. That's never annoying. Wearing this shirt would be like having two magical plaid fairies hovering against my elbows at all times.

And who doesn't love that?

Forever 21 Plaid Multi-Button Shirt - $32


  1. Ah what is that dangly thign on the arms!!!! *slaps whoever thought of that*

  2. Take away the sleeve-bows and that bib and I would actually like this shirt.