Tuesday, March 9, 2010

10,000 BC

I've said before that I don't like gladiator heels. But at least, on the right person, it can make them look kind of terrifyingly Amazonian.

This, however, is less Amazonian than Archaic. Which is all well and good, if the way you roll is biblical. Now, personally, if I'm going to be thrown into a colloseum to face off against a gladiator or a lion, I'd like to have appropriate footwear on. And, in my case, appropriate footwear is something I can run comfortably in. Not flip flops with cow hide stapled to them.

Bebe Marisa Leather Gladiator Sandal Boots - $179


  1. these would leave the best tan lines ever!

  2. Judge me if you must, but... the latest trends in boots have been a boon for larpers. It's so easy to find footwear to go with your forest-dwelling shaman, your amazonian elven warrior woman, your pseudo-roman paladin...

  3. I actually love gladiator sandals, well, some of them anyway, when done right. Having a piece that has some risk attached to it, like it's teetering between fashionable and unfashionable, and yet still pulling off the piece and making it look good I feel is an overlooked, awesome part of fashion in general. Back to the shoes - They can't be too costume-y, because then they no longer fit in your wardrobe - instead they do just what these would do, which is make you look like you had no vision when looking for a new pair of shoes. They stand out, don't match, and look awkward and goofy.
    However, I can sympathize with larpers, especially because they're actually putting together a costume.