Thursday, March 4, 2010

Have A Yabba-Dabba Do Time

Apparently, the designers at Forever 21 were pretty heavily influenced by Hanna-Barbera this season.

First, we had The Jetsons. With this top and dress, I think we're going all the way back to Bedrock.

Don't look so happy, Fred. Sure, it's great that they're being economical and using the leftover scraps from Bloomingstone's Department Store, but really. I think Forever 21 can do better than that.

Unless they start selling Hoppparoos. I would totally get on board with that.

Forever 21 Dotted Panel Silk Dress - $34.80
Forever 21 Dotted Panel Silk Top - $24.80

1 comment:

  1. I like the neckline and the general design of the top and dress, but i dont like the fact that they used Flinstone-ish polka dot things in little slices and stuck them together. it would have been nicer if it was all the same material and pattern...