Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Curtain Rose

So, I actually really like the rose in the center of the bust. Yes, it looks a lot like 4th of July bunting. But still, it actually kind of works for me.

Am I the only one, however, who totally thinks the ruffles down the front look like curtains? I wouldn't be shocked if, inside the dress, there's a rigging system that allows you to open and close the skirt as needed.

J.Crew Strapless Chambray Wild Rose Dress - $98


  1. I don't understand ruffles myself, but this isn't so bad...

  2. I keep on thinking that if the ruffles were just somewhat... less... thinner, or shorter, or not quite so much like a tablecloth corner hanging off her bust... Eh, I dunno.

  3. I think the whole dress would work in an event that had lots of ribbons or bunting around, if you were going for a blend-in but omg-it's-on-a-person look.