Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Toga to Tango

I'm not sure if Bebe was inspired by the Romans, beauty pageants, or by arm injuries. Either way, the result is the same:

The danger with wearing pockets on a dress is that you're naturally going to want to put your hands in the pockets, which looks kind of ridiculous and ruins the lines of the dress.

The danger with a sash is that you're going to use it in lieu of a purse, or to hide appetizers for later. And while yes, it would be a brilliant way to snag extra pigs in a blanket at a cocktail party ... wait, I forgot the down side. Sorry.

Oh, right. She sure does look sassy for a woman who is wearing a dress designed to look like she accidentally tucked the hem into it.

Bebe Stone Beaded Draped Halter Dress - $76.99

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