Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Gucci Flats - really?

Let's be clear: I love needlessly expensive shoes. Love. There is an executive in my office who owns many, many pairs of Louboutins, and I'm pretty sure she's creeped out by my constantly staring at her feet as she walks by. But her shoe wardrobe is amazing.

So I'm not criticizing these shoes for being expensive.

I'm criticizing them for being the high-end equivalent of an Ed Hardy shirt. Tattoo designs? Really, Gucci? You think that these strips of leather with a few painted-on roses and hearts are worth paying almost $500 for? Because I'm thinking this same look can be achieved by a pair of Capezios, 75 cents, and a trip to the local bowling alley for the temp tattoo dispensers. Hell, add an extra 25 cents for a gumball.

Gucci Tan Leather Tattoo Heart Flats - $392

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