Monday, September 21, 2009

Keep It in the Bottle. Please.

Three wishes?


1. I wish this jumpsuit didn't make the model's breasts look so unhappy.

2. I wish this jumpsuit gave her an actual waist.

3. I wish they hadn't used the curtain ties as a belt.

Dammit! I should have looked at the back before making all those wishes. If I had, I would have replaced #3 with:

"I wish the model would spontaneously start dancing to Can't Touch This."

Bebe Glitter Halter Rope Jumpsuit - $98


  1. This is totally something out of a Sweet Valley High book:

    Jessica lounged near Lila's pool in a gold lame jumpsuit, which accented her blonde feathered hair. Lila's "Come As You Are" party was in full swing, and Bruce Patman had just walked in. Rising, catlike, she swayed her hips a little as she headed in his direction..."

  2. Dark, dirty confession: I never read Sweet Valley High. I was much more of a Babysitters Club girl. But that fake quote? That makes me want to read them. Because it sounds like it's Dynasty Junior, and I love it.