Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Georgia O'Keefe's Finest

I'm really hoping that everyone else thinks I'm crazy on this one.

But is it just me, or do these coats look a lot like, you know ... um, lady parts?

Although, if any part of your anatomy is this color, you probably should get it looked at.

Anthropologie Shape & Movement Sweater Coat - $168
Anthropologie Short & Sweet Jacket - $128


  1. I would have never thought of those jackets that way, but I can kind of see it now that you mention it.

  2. I'm so sorry to have brought it to your attention ... although, I'm totally relieved that other people can see it.

  3. Omg it does. Specifically, the green one looks like the painting that has been following me around on the subway for the last 2 weeks.

  4. The painting has been following you on the subway? Man, New York is weird.