Friday, February 19, 2010

Kooshy Shoes

It's weird - sometimes, a thought will randomly pop into my head (like, "I wonder what the Green Power Ranger is up to these days?"), and then the question will be answered a day or two later by someone else (my friend posting that he is apparently now an MMA fighter).

Likewise, just the other day, I was wondering to myself, "What did they do with all those koosh balls from the Rosie O'Donnell Show?"

And now, I have my answer. Gwen Stefani's using them on sandals.

ModCloth Harajuku Lovers Holla Slingbacks - $47.99


  1. Ew, these would get so gross on your feet. Koosh balls are like instantly sticky. I need to go take a shower just looking at this picture.

  2. I love the colour of the sandle, and would probably wear them WITHOUT the koosh balls. Cz tht shiz is hideous :/

  3. Hi Amanda!
    You're right! They do look like Koosh balls! Some good news though, they feel nothing like them. :) The pom poms are made out of fabric, so they have a much softer feel to them! I guess your search for what happened to the Koosh balls must continue! :)
    <3 Aire

  4. The mystery continues! Good to know they're not actually Koosh balls ... I figured they were fabric, but they reminded me so much of Koosh balls, I had to post them.

  5. @Alien - Yeah, I actually really like the color and the pattern of the straps, but I'm not sold on the koosh at the end - even if they're not actually koosh balls.