Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Correction

Last week, I posted an indignant rant about the differences between an herbivore and a vegetarian, and why dinosaurs are not vegetarians. I also said that, had they made a matching shirt with "Carnivore" written on it, I would not have objected to the shirt.

That being the case, it seems the "Vegetarian" t-shirt previously written about is not a dinosaur-themed article of propaganda, but instead, it's just inaccurate. I stand corrected.

And, true to my word, I bought the carnivore t-shirt. Because come on - dinosaurs are awesome.

Forever 21 T-Rex Carnivore Tee - $14.90


  1. We just made 'Vegetarian' because 'Herbivore' didn't appeal to as many people :)

    Fun site by the way!

    (The designers of both shirts)

  2. Thanks! Glad you like the blog.

    I'm only a little obsessed with my carnivore t-shirt. And by "a little" I mean I only wear it on special occasions for fear of wearing it out too soon.