Monday, February 8, 2010

Joust Kidding

My friend Sarah is the writer of the incredibly smart entertainment/media blog But They Didn't Ask Me. I suggest you go read her post on kids shows immediately, especially if you grew up watching old school Nickelodeon.

She somehow found time to send along this delightfully pointless dress.

I've never thought of chainmail as an embellishment, but apparently, it's more widespread than just Ren Faires.

I think what gets me about this, other than the general impracticality of it (when what is the purpose of a minidress with chainmail on it? What purpose does it serve?) is the fact that there is no way this can not look cheap. It's Forever 21 using metal embellishments. When has that ever ended well?

I guess you can buy this if you're big into Ren Faires and want to look like a slutty knight ... they have those, right?

Forever 21 Chainmail Bust Mini Dress - $15.99


  1. What the heck is that? couldn't they have just left it plain black? hmm but then again your friend wouldn't have found it worth sending to you, and you wouldn't have posted it, and I wouldn't have been entertained for a bit.
    Anyhoo nice blog:)

  2. Yeah, sometimes I have to remind myself that, without ugly clothing, I wouldn't have nearly as much to do while unemployed.

    Thanks for reading!

  3. I just saw it and thought, "That would be really hard to wear with a bra." And then I started screaming.