Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mocked Denim Leggings

I'm so very, very confused.

On the one hand, leggings are not pants. However, these are leggings that look just like pants. And they seem to be fitting the model like skinny jeans rather than like leggings. But, they're leggings. Plus, skinny jeans already exist, so is there a need to make leggings that look like skinny jeans?

These are named "Mocked Denim Leggings," but for once, I'm not mocking. I'm just lost, and a little scared.

Forever 21 Mocked Denim Leggings - $19.90


  1. greatest.things.ever!!!! They are 1000 times more comfortable than skinny jeans!!! and they lay better with tunic tops and work when trying to tuck boots in your jeans. They are WONDERFUL!!!

  2. Hey, I love being proven wrong - post some pics of jeggings actually working, and I'll make a post rescinding my prior criticisms.

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