Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Shirley Manson Deserves Better

I love 90s music. I can sing along with almost all 90s rock songs. It's one of my superpowers, along with accidentally finding spiders. Yeah, the spider thing sucks. But, back on point, 90s music - I love it.

Somehow, I don't think this tank was what Garbage intended when they wrote and recorded the song in 1994. It's kind of like having a t-shirt with a cartoon on it and a Marilyn Manson quote. It's just weird.

Forever 21 Happy When It Rains Tank - $14.90

Panda image borrowed from here


  1. You need to start selling that Panda shirt. Right now.

  2. Seriously, the panda shirt is great... maybe consider using some Nine Inch Nails lyrics... a picture of a cute bunny with "I want to f*** you like an animal."