Friday, January 15, 2010

As Real As She Is

This shirt is about as authentically punk as Avril Lavigne.

Which is to say, as punk as you can get from shopping at Kohl's.

I understand shirts that are faux-layered (ie: a sweater with a button-down collar attached) because it's so hard to get that look through normal layering. However, wearing a shirt with pre-attached suspenders is just lame. Go through the extra step of buying and wearing suspenders, if you're going for the "I'm a punk" thing. Just do it. Otherwise, you're stuck tucking in your shirt, or wearing a t-shirt that has built-in suspenders, and the whole thing is just trying so hard. Which is right up Ms. Lavigne's alley, because if there's one thing she's consistently done through her whole career, it's try way, way too hard.

Despite all my criticisms, I would pay to see Larry King in this on a Casual Friday.

Abbey Dawn Drama Queen Suspender Tunic - $36 $18

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