Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cowboys & Gangsters Wear Sensible Sandals

Sandals haven't undergone much invention since their creation back by some guy who was sick of stepping on rocks while hunting mammoths. The last great innovation for the sandal was the jelly shoe, and that was only great because you could hose them down when they started to look gross.

But now, in the 21st century, a new age has dawned. Behold, The Spatsdal - have spats, half sandal.

Or, if your rain dance is feeling a little under-accessorized, the moccasandal.

Mod Cloth Oh Snap! Sandals

Mod Cloth Sienna Sandals


  1. I dunno... I can sort of see the spatsdal (that word will haunt my dreams) as something you might wear at a futuristic apocalyptic LARP. Maybe if you're playing a mentally deranged gunbunny.

    Which is to say, nothing you should normally ever wear in public.

  2. If you're playing a casual mentally deranged gunbunny.